With over 15 successful years of transforming Ottawa homes and buildings into beautiful spaces we have acquired quite the following of happy customers. We would love the opportunity for you to join that following.  Our finish results are always atop the industry standards and we are always striving for perfection.  Amongst exceptional workmanship, the core of our business is built upon integrity and providing positive experiences to all.  We are proud to work with homeowners, contractors, landlords, designers, real estate agents, and other trade specialists. Contact us if you'd like to know how we can serve you and show you what professionalism is all about, because "that's how we roll"!   


Existing or new construction. Surface protection, removal and reinstallation of faceplates, wall repairs, and trim preparation. Priming, as required. Painting of ceilings, walls, and all trim using Benjamin Moore's top quality products.


Property and surface protection. Surface cleaning and preparation: scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming, as required. Painting and/or staining of siding, windows / doors, decks, fences, play structures, brick or stone, and furniture.


Existing or new construction. Surface protection, minor wall repairs, trim preparation, and priming, as required. Painting of ceilings, walls, trim, ductwork, open ceilings, and much more. If you have a unique project, we would love to know about it!


Wallpaper installation, line designs, and creative finishes.  Painting of furniture, cabinetry, sculptural objects, railings, epoxy flooring, brick walls, etc. If you're wondering about painting something unique, just ask us, we can most likely do it!